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Our Mission

Provide practical, innovative, professional IT solutions for a variety of  users. 


Our Story

Azukipan IT Solutions is based in Yokohama, Japan and was founded in 2022 with a focus on meeting the IT software development needs of clients across the globe.

Azukipan IT Solutions is committed to innovation that keeps pace with the rapidly evolving Internet. For example, in-house product development of new mobile applications that harness some the latest cloud services is underway.

Edric John Cruz Nacpil, PhD, is an alumnus from The University of Tokyo who brings real-world IT experience to Azukipan IT Solutions as an independent contractor for Shore-Access Marine Consultancy Co., Inc. Current projects include mobile app development for Android and iOS devices and full-stack web development for online shopping.

Dr. Nacpil is also a former senior researcher at an AI consulting startup, Corpy & Co., Inc. Past clients include high-profile companies such as Toyota Motor Corporation and research organizations such as the National Advanced Institute of Science and Technology in Japan.


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Since 2015, Shore-Access Marine Consultancy Co., Ltd. has been offering reliable and affordable internet access to customers across the globe. With headquarters in Japan and a satellite office in the Philippines, the company has made thousands of sales of Pocket Wifis, SIM cards, and mobile data plans.

The CEO, Capt. Arturo S. Canoza Jr., manages his team to provide timely and personalized customer service. He has partnered with Edric John Cruz Nacpil to enhance the marketing and business development of the QR code creation and sharing platform, GuavaDrop.

Business Partner

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